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A place for digital works in appreciation of Stephanie

Looping Animations with sound
Stephanie Tribute (Full size) Enterprise Finds LazyTown
Steph Does a Twirl Galactica Finds LazyTown
Lazytongues (Full size) Cylon Cake Weapon
Quantum Stephanie Demonstrates a P-orbital Bilbo Uses It
Stephanie La La La (Full Size) Subatomic Birdicle in Lazytown
Stephanie Uses the Force Stephanie All Stars (artist unknown)
Kick It Stephanie! Baltar Gets Proof
Teasing Stephanie Epic LazyTown Purse Maneuver (artist unknown)
Flower Child Stephanie LazyTown Mind Control Song
Stephanie Makes a Face Sing It Heiney
Stephanie's Good Stuff Steph Asks A Question
Wiggle Steph Loves to Kick






Computer Game Mods


LazyTown mod for Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire Version 2.5.8

Note this mod overwrites files, so you may want to create a separate copy of the game on your hard drive in which to try it out, or at least back up the files it replaces and store them somewhere else.

This mod pack adds the LazyTowners, the Cylons, the Fremen, and the Cthulhoids.




It also makes the computer opponent better in a lot of ways and generally is just the coolest mod ever. Oh yes it also introduces some Cthulhu Mythos monster units too.

You can download the mod directly


Custom Stephanie wizard portrait file for Age of Wonders II: Shadow Magic

Just put in the

C:\Program Files\Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\User

folder. Click on the thumbnail below to get the full image.



Stephanie portraits for use in Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Just extract the contents of the RAR file into the


folder. Note it will change Jayna's portrait as well to Goth Steph.
It will not replace any other pre-existing portraits, it just adds additional human female portraits.

RAR file of Stephanie portraits for Arcanum



LazyTown Badges for Homeworld 2

This zip file contains multiple Steph (and a Stingy) badges for Homeworld 2. Just put the TGA files in the

C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Badges

folder. I believe these work with HomeWorld Remastered as well but I can't remember LOL.

ZIP file of Steph badges for Homeworld 2


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