#stephers IRC chat channel

Do you enjoy creative work celebrating Stephanie? Join us in our chat room, #stephers on the IRC network SynIRC. We discuss current events, science, health, humor, computer games, life, and of course, Stephanie. We also play computer games online with each other. IRC is a free text chat protocol that allows you to interact in real time with others. It's easy to get started. It looks more or less like this:

One way to join us is through a web based chat service, such as http://www.mibbit.com/. Click "Start chatting now" and then a new page will come up. From the "IRC:" dropdown, pick "SynIRC (webirc)". In the Nick box type the nickname you would like to use in the channel, and in the Channel box type "#stephers" (no quotes) and then click Go. In a few moments you will be connected to the chat. Mibbit does not show people in the room until they say something. Click on "Idlers" on the right side of the screen to see who is in the room.

Or, you can use an IRC client program like we do. If you're running Windows, the most popular client choices are mIRC (a standalone program for the slightly more advanced), or Chatzilla (for easy use in Firefox). For Mac users, top recommendations are Ircle (advanced) or Colloquy (beginners):



Linux clients:

Once you have your client set up, you can click this link:


if you have the association right. Or you can connect to this server:



/join #stephers


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